Qt Developer Days 2011 in Munich

We’re back from Qt Developer Days 2011 in Munich, Germany. What a great show! For those of you who werent’ there here is a small recap of what happened from our perspective. First, some pictures

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Both Marius and I were presenting in Munich. Marius dissected the code of several of our apps, and explained how QStateMachine makes your life easier. The talk is available here:

I talked about Necessitas, Qt and Qt for Android and basically explained how you publish Qt apps on the Android market. That talk is available here:

Now we gotta work to catch up on other projects!


5 responses to “Qt Developer Days 2011 in Munich

  1. Thank you Espen for a great tech session at Dev Days in Munich. Even with the technical problems ;) Demo effect at its best.

  2. Are there videos of the presentations? The slides look interesting but it’s hard to fill the gaps without the speaker.

  3. Espen,

    Thank you for your encouraging talk & demo. I am new to QT and am eager to start developing an Android app with Necessitas. You mention it is best to develop in Linux at the moment. Could you give me a good recommendation for the environment?

    What Distro? (I would prefer Mint 12 “Lisa” if possible)

    What X86 Flavor? (32bit or 64bit)?

    I would like to run Linux using a Virtualbox VM running on Widows 7, 64bit, Quad Core i7, 8gb RAM – any problems with this? How much RAM/disk space do you recommend I allocate? Better to just do a native install (dual boot thingy)?

    Any “gotcha’s” you could warn me about before I get started?

    Any other recommendations?

    Thanks, and best regards

    Shane Avery

    • > recommendation for the environment?

      I use the latest Ubuntu (64bit) version.

      > I would like to run Linux using a Virtualbox VM

      Haven’t tried this myself. Disk space you’d be ok with for example 40gig and at least 2gig memory.
      I’d recommend a dual boot though

      > Any “gotcha’s” you could warn me about

      adb sometimes don’t detect your device on linux, do a: “sudo adb kill-server && adb devices” after you’ve plugged in the phone if that happens

      Good luck!

  4. Dietrich Gossen


    great slides and presentation by the way !
    Is there somewhere some samplecode regarding your presentation “the anamtoy of real world apps” available?


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