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Network Norway Mobil Bedrift

With this app Network Norway customers get access the most important features of Mobil Bedrift, Network Norway’s professional mobile phone solutions. The app gives you a unique possibility to control your own work day: setting up phone conferences, setting out-of-office status, in/out-queues, availability status of your colleagues.


NRK Tekst-TV

Text-tv on your mobile phone. You get access to exactly the same content as on TV. Domestic and international and local news, sports news, TV- and radio program guides, weather forecasts, cooking recipes, travel news and stock market news.


NRK P3 Urørt

Listen to new Norwegian music – for free. Urørt (Untouched) is a website from NRK P3 where Norwegian artists can upload and promote their music. This application lets you experience the best music from Urørt in a new and unique way.



WiMP is a music streaming service available to Norwegian, Danish and Swedish music lovers. WiMP gives you unlimited access to millions of tracks and albums – always up to date with recent releases and special recommendations. Get WiMP on your mobile and bring along your own favourites and playlists. In Offline mode you can enjoy music – even when you have no network available.



Shows flight departure and arrival times for 46 airports in Norway. Using live data from Avinor.


Telenor Faktura

Telenor Faktura gives you an overview of your mobile subscription. This application is intended for use with Telenor Norway subscriptions only.

Search in 8 million weather forecasts for Norway and the world from, or use GPS to find your nearest location. Contains weather forecasts, textual forecasts, meteograms and extreme weather warnings. is a service from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK.

24 responses to “Apps

  1. I’d love to see your app ported to Nokia N9. Any plans?

  2. Son los mejores para mi son increibles gracias por sus apps

  3. I can’t find Telenor faktura in Ovi Store for N9. Is it deleted?

  4. I can’t find Telenor Faktura in Ovi Store. Deleted?!

  5. I’m browsing with my Nokia N9 on a telenor subscription.

    • I’m not sure if Telenor has published the app for N9 yet (doesn’t look like it, since I can’t see it in Ovi).

  6. Efter Belle-oppdaterigen for nokia N8 (og andre tlf) viser departures/arrivels skjermene samme data. Dvs departure data i begge vinduer. Gælder alle lufthavne.
    Synd at en såpass bra App er blitt ubrukelig. En liten oppdaterin – please?
    Kim Vater

  7. Hei! og Fly appen fungerer ikke med nye Belle FP1 (Nokia 808) og flere.. Når vil disse bli konvertert ?

  8. is there any application for symbian, that can support android application for nokia n8.

    • There is the Myriad Alien Dalvik that, is/was available for Maemo and MeeGo, but unfortunatley I don’t think that is available for Symbian.

  9. Dear all,

    Can you tell me, why YR is not available in the German section of Nokia Sore (Ovi)?


    • Hi, I understand your frustration. AFAIR it was decided by NRK that the app should only be published in Scandinavia to avoid overloading their servers. I guess this makes sense, since scaling them up to be able to handle the increased traffic would be expensive.

  10. yr-appen har slutat fungera på min N8 (Symbian Anna). Först slutade den uppdatera data och visade bara gammalt väder (från cachen?). Jag avinstallerade och laddade hem appen på nytt från Ovi-store. Nu kan jag inte hitta eller lägga till någon ort alls, inte ens Oslo. Inga förslag visas när jag skrivit något i sökrutan. Gps-lokalisering fungerar inte heller. Rätt koordinater visas men programmet kan inte koppla samman med någon plats, trots att jag befinner mig mitt i en storstad. Har senaste version 1.0.8
    Nätverket fungerar för andra program.

    • Förtydligande: Jag har inte uppdaterat telefonens system och har egentligen ingen önskan att göra det. Yr-appen bara slutade fungera ändå.

      • Hei Annika, vi skal se om vi kan reprodusere problemet. Så vidt jeg vet har vi ikke en N8 med Symbian Anna, men vi skal se hva vi kan gjøre. Takk for tilbakemeldingen! :)

        Update: (I’m writing this in English for the non-Scandinavians out there)
        It turns out that the server is filtering HTTP requests on the User-Agent string, and that the requests from the app on Symbian are currently being blocked. We have contacted NRK about the issue, so hopefully this will be fixed soon. Again, thanks for letting us know!

      • Thank you! The Yr app is now working again!

  11. Om my Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle, I still have the same problem as Annika described. Ref this link:

    Please sort this out with NRK people, the’re not very responsive on Symbian issues (dying platform etc.).

    Thank you,

  12. Hi.
    The yr app is great! I use it a lot on my N8 with Belle. But there seems to be a problem with the search function, nothing happens when I try to change location. Is it the app or my phone that fails?

    • Hi Teijo,
      We’ve identified the problem and informed NRK. The problem is similar to the previous problem we had with their servers, so it should be easy to fix.

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