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Fly is now Open Source

It’s a known fact that ninjas like open source.

There are many good reasons for releasing your source code into the open, but in the end we do it because it feels right.

The Fly app was originally hacked up over a weekend in late 2010, but has been polished a bit since then (although there are still some rough edges here and there). The Qt version has been published in Ovi Store (both for Symbian and MeeGo) and Google Play (experimental) and we’ve had some pretty good download numbers, for a local app.

Fly on the Nokia E7

That’s not to say that it’s anywhere near perfect. There are lots of improvements that can be made. If you feel like improving it, the sky is the limit! (pun intended ;) ).

It has been a long time coming, but we have finally released the Fly source code as open source. You can clone the github repository here or browse the source code here. Happy hacking!

Qt Developer Days 2011 in Munich

We’re back from Qt Developer Days 2011 in Munich, Germany. What a great show! For those of you who werent’ there here is a small recap of what happened from our perspective. First, some pictures

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Both Marius and I were presenting in Munich. Marius dissected the code of several of our apps, and explained how QStateMachine makes your life easier. The talk is available here:

I talked about Necessitas, Qt and Qt for Android and basically explained how you publish Qt apps on the Android market. That talk is available here:

Now we gotta work to catch up on other projects!


Qt mobile platforms poll

We in Cutehacks are trying to gage the developer interest in Qt for Android and Qt for iOS. Thank you for taking the time to answer this short poll.

Update: added nice charts so you can see the results so far.

Update: the poll has ended. A total of 344 people answered our questions. Thanks to everyone that participated!

You can also play with the interactive charts here.