New office and new employee!

Nothing is like starting the new year with blank sheets of paper and color crayons! OK, Norwegian proverbs might not translate that well, but here we are: A new year, a new office, and a new employee (me)!

New Employee Cava

I can totally get used to lunches like this!

My name is Henrik Hartz, and I joined Espen and Marius January 2nd this year after working 7 years at Trolltech and Nokia. For the first week and a half I have been getting busy with existing projects while Espen and Marius are pushing new frontiers – for the time being focusing on an Android project.

Aside from 50% growth, we also moved to a new office – literally across the road from the old one. The new place is a lot larger – the three of us share an office – while we have a lunch-room (with a red couch and gaming system) and extra offices to spare. We want to grow even more this year.

After moving in – the place was in a bit of a shoddy state..

before we got our shit together


After a quick stop at IKEA, we got some new office furniture to get us ready for a busy New Year!

espen building a bookcase marius building a coat stand david and alexandra helping out marius doing assembly

After organizing and cleaning up, we’re ready to take on the new year

marius can't stop hacking troll bowl lunch room coffee



Qt Developer Days 2011 in Munich

We’re back from Qt Developer Days 2011 in Munich, Germany. What a great show! For those of you who werent’ there here is a small recap of what happened from our perspective. First, some pictures

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Both Marius and I were presenting in Munich. Marius dissected the code of several of our apps, and explained how QStateMachine makes your life easier. The talk is available here:

I talked about Necessitas, Qt and Qt for Android and basically explained how you publish Qt apps on the Android market. That talk is available here:

Now we gotta work to catch up on other projects!


Qt mobile platforms poll

We in Cutehacks are trying to gage the developer interest in Qt for Android and Qt for iOS. Thank you for taking the time to answer this short poll.

Update: added nice charts so you can see the results so far.

Update: the poll has ended. A total of 344 people answered our questions. Thanks to everyone that participated!

You can also play with the interactive charts here.


Cutehacks 1st year – An executive summary

Time flies when you’re having fun, and we’ve had lots! It’s been year since we started Cutehacks. Here is a short summary of what we’ve achieved, and what we’ve learned – the good stuff and the bad stuff.

For the executive brief, check out the video below.


  • Formed a legal company
  • Got an office and bought hardware
  • Got an accountant, lawyer, designer etc.
  • Published 4 Symbian apps
    • for NRK
    • Telenor Faktura for Telenor
    • WiMP for Aspiro
    • Fly for ourselves :)
  • Made our Symbian apps run on Maemo, MeeGo and Android as well
  • Contributed a bit to Qt for Android
  • Created a UI prototype on Win/Mac/Symbian for a client
  • Went to Qt Developer Days, Qt Contributor Summit, MeeGo Summit, Akademy, SEE, etc.
  • Consulted for ad-agencies and printing companies
  • Stayed at five star hotels – for FREEEEE
  • Got 3 minutes on national TV
  • Got mentioned on lots of mobile sites
  • Started a tech-startup-network-club-thingy
  • Got tattooed
  • Got paid

Three things we’ve learned

“If you set yourself goals, you will actually reach them”: When we started Cutehacks we said that an ideal project for us would be to develop the WiMP client. One year later, we actually achieved that. We’ve also worked towards getting our apps running across multiple platforms – this is also starting to happen.

“Ask and you may receive”: We’ve gotten free hardware, new projects and invitations to talks – simply by asking for it.

“The only constant is change”: Wow, this one has definitely been true for us. We didn’t see 2/11 coming – but once it did, we’ve simply had to adjust and move on.

Some advice for software startups

  • Use LinkedIn
  • Use Twitter
  • Use YouTube
  • Use Google Apps (Mail, Documents, Calendar)
  • Use Github (or similar)
  • Use WordPress (or similar)
  • Use a professional accountant
  • Use a professional designer
  • Present at conferences
  • Say Yes more than No
  • Build up your IP
  • Act professional
  • Use your network
  • Ask for things
  • Get an office
  • Always look for new projects
  • Experiment with new technology
  • Get signed contracts
  • Always go to a meeting prepared
  • KISS
  • Do it


Cutehacks at the Qt Contributers’ Summit

A big ‘Guten Tag!’ from Berlin and the Qt Contributor’s Summit! We’ve already attended the pre-summit Qt for Android meeting and are now at the Café Moscau where the actual summit is taking place.The place is buzzing with sessions and discussions about present and future Qt development. About half the people present are non-Nokians and all are enthusiastic and engaged in shaping the future of their favorite cross-platform toolkit. There are people walking around with various Android devices and iPads running ports of Qt.

So far it’s been a fun, interesting and productive event. It’s a great venue and it’s all been extremely well organized, including working wifi (!) and free drinks. We will stay here until the end of the event on Saturday, so if you’re in Berlin and want to talk to us, give us a ping or look around for the Cutehacks logo.


Cutehacks targeting Android, Symbian and more

Here is a video of two apps developed by Cutehacks: and Fly running on Android 2.2 and Symbian. These native apps were originally written for Symbian but run great on Android as well:

Using Qt for Android (more specifically Necessitas and Ministro), the amount of code changes we had to do were minimal. This shows the power of Qt – it truly is cross-platform. Too see these apps running on MeeGo and Maemo as well – check out this video.

None of the apps above are available in Android Market yet. Be assured we’ll tell you when/if that happens :)


Cross platform apps at MWC

Three of our apps are being shown at the Mobile World Congress this year, for several different devices. If you want to have a look at them in real life head over to the Qt booth located here.

The video below shows our apps running on a few of the many platforms supported by Qt.

As you may know, Qt has been a cross-platform toolkit from day one, and supports many more mobile platforms than just Symbian and MeeGo. Here is a list of some of the different mobile platforms Qt runs on today:

Mobile OS Support Links
Android Community Video
iOS Community Video
Windows Mobile Official Video
webOS Community Article
QNX (Blackberry Playbook) Community Video
Symbian Official Video
Maemo/MeeGo Official Video

…and there have been reports on success getting it running for Bada and Amazon Kindle as well. Go to the Qt booth to see more apps running across both desktop and mobile platforms.